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TV Review: Light and Dark

Professor Jim al-Khalili’s new two-part science series Light and Dark began to be broadcast on Monday on BBC4 – you can still catch it for another two weeks on BBC’s I-Player here. Khalili began by taking us back to the … Continue reading

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Exhibition Review: World Press Photo Exhibition 2013

The Royal Festival Hall in London’s Southbank is currently hosting the World Press Photo Exhibition 2013. The best news and culture photos from around the world have been selected from over 100,000 entries that were submitted by photographers. The above … Continue reading

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Cisco IOE: Industry Solutions

The latest video in Cisco’s Internet of Everything series looks at some of its industry solutions in healthcare, oil & gas, and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. For those of you still considering a career – do take a look at … Continue reading

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Tommy Robinson: Reformed or Cleverly Rebranded?

I appeared on this morning’s Sunday Morning Live programme on BBC1 with Tommy Robinson – the former leader of the English Defence League – and Esther Rantzen, to discuss TR’s spectacular resignation from the EDL earlier this week at the hands of the Quilliam … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Bol

Although I grew up watching Indian movies, and enjoy watching world cinema, I have never – until now - seen a Pakistani film. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps I didn’t think that much of value in the visual … Continue reading

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An Evening At Science Uncovered

Last Friday evening, the Natural History Museum in London hosted their annual Science Uncovered night. From 18:00 till midnight, the scientists at the NHM came out of their labs and talked to the public about their research and current controversies … Continue reading

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The Internet of Everything: Sept 2013

As Cisco prepares to announce their new network processor on Sept 24, above is their latest installment in the Internet of Everything series. The narrator in the video remarks that the world is getting increasingly connected with every passing day and that is exciting…yes, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Wadjda

Last Wednesday I went along to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square to see Wadjda. Wadjda had been showing at the Prince Charles for about two months and this was my last chance to catch an evening viewing as … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Military Coup D’Etat – A Look At The Global Reaction

Today marks two months since the Egyptian military intervened to depose Egypt’s first democratically elected President, Muhammad Mursi, and launched a brutal and very bloody crackdown on the country’s largest and most influential socio-political movement, the Muslim Brotherhood. Since the … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins and the Poor State of Muslim Civilisation

The scientist, best selling author and prominent atheist, Richard Dawkins, has courted controversy over a tweet he posted a few days ago saying: All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle … Continue reading

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