Rupert Murdoch says US should increase its support for Israel

Rupert Murdoch delivered a speech last night explicitly outlining his deep commitment to Israel. The speech is worth reading in full – it is not very long at all –  particularly to appreciate just how one-sided Murdoch’s view of the Middle East is – together with his interesting observation that the best way to improve relations between the US and the Muslim world is not for the US to become a less partisan supporter of Israel and be more even-handed, but to actually further increase its support for Israel!

Murdoch also scatters a couple of  derisory references to Muslims in the speech including a reference to ‘Muslim ghettoes’. And par for the course for the most blinkered supporters of Israel, he sees anti-semitism in the most unlikely places including the fact that ‘Britain and Spain are boycotting an OECD tourism meeting in Jerusalem.’ Of course, the far more plausible reason that the UK and Spain may have refused to attend the OECD meeting is that East Jerusalem is regarded as occupied territory is not even considered by Murdoch.

And you can always firmly tell when someone is a right-wing nut and a denizen of la-la land when they are praised to the skies by Mad Mel.

Update: The Economist this week has a story about how Murdoch’s wish to increase his News Corporation’s 40% stake in the hugely successful British SKY Broadcasting is terrifying his rivals. It always amazes me how many people are prepared to pay through the nose for the drivel on SKY. But that is the genius of Murdoch.

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  1. Berfrois says:

    “Correspondingly the key concepts Islamophobes deploy are not of domestic European origin but come largely from those working within the framework of American post-Cold War ambitions to dominance in the Middle East…”

    The Success of Islamophobia

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