Robert Halfon MP: A Conservative Friend of Israel and a Total and Utter Coward!


Robert Halfon MP (Harlow, Conservative) earlier today made this outrageous statement in the House of Commons about the Muslim advocacy group, ENGAGE:

“Will the Leader of the House find time for an urgent statement on iEngage, the secretariat of the newly formed all-party parliamentary group on Islamophobia? iEngage has a track record of being aggressively anti-Semitic and homophobic, and has extensive links with terrorism in Tunisia and the middle east.”

Halfon can only get away with making such an outrageous and defamatory accusation because he was speaking inside the House of Commons where he enjoys parliamentary privilege which grants him full immunity to any libel claims. It is a quite preposterous abuse of parliamentary privilege.

I, on the other hand, don’t enjoy parliamentary immunity, so for the record let me issue a public challenge to Robert Halfon – a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel:

Robert Halfon – you are a total and utter coward, much like the members of the murderous Israeli Defence Forces. Whereas the IDF like to hide inside their tanks while firing shells at little children, you hide inside the House of Commons while making your libellous comments. Try and find the guts to repeat exactly the same comments in public, you little weasel. I won’t be holding my breath.

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6 Responses to Robert Halfon MP: A Conservative Friend of Israel and a Total and Utter Coward!

  1. 'Uthmān says:

    Just read about this a moment ago – utterly outrageous indeed. His accusations are totally unsubstantiated and he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Unfortunately, it looks like he will though.

    I’m now curious as to the reasoning behind the existence of this “parliamentary immunity”. I don’t see why there should be a need for it.

  2. Parliamentary immunity is an important part of our democratic system. It allows our representatives to speak freely without fear of either persecution from the Crown (a real threat a few centuries ago) or aggressive libel lawyers paid for by rich persons or companies.

    While it may be galling in cases like the one above, the principle of Parliamentary immunity is vital and I for one will defend it to the hilt. It has served us well for centuries.

  3. MohammedAmin: The point of this post was the preposterous abuse of parliamentary privilege by Robert Halfon to make wild and defamatory accusations. MPs are already held in low esteem as a result of the expenses scandal when many of them were found to be little more than thieves. Now we have the former political director of the Conservative Friends of Israel abusing his parliamentary immunity to make false and defamatory claims against ENGAGE.

    • Inayat

      My comment was written as a response to the question by Uthman. He was asking why we need Parliamentary immunity, so I have explained it for him and other readers.

      The principle is very important, regardless of how you might feel about any particular instance of its application.

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