Remembering the Dalou Family In Gaza

These are some of the children from the Dalou family in Gaza that were killed when the Israelis bombed their home today.

What words can do justice to this shocking scene? I can’t find any.

God have mercy on them.

And our UK government still cannot find the words to criticise the Israelis or to take any actual actions against them for their continued flouting of international law in connection with the occupation of Palestinian lands and the building of illegal Jewish settlements.

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6 Responses to Remembering the Dalou Family In Gaza

  1. hg says:

    and the Fogel family photos – will you being showing these ??

  2. Span Ows says:

    Why was their home bombed? Answer that and you’ll find the route the the answer to peace: stopping attacking Israel because they’ll retaliate: it’s really quite simple.

  3. John Paul Jones says:

    I find it quite obscene the manner in which the supporters of the Palestinian cause parade photographs of death children as if this were some macabre beauty contests. He who has the most pictures of dead children wins the moral debate. This is all part of the cynical game played by Islamism, as represented by Hamas, a creed that embraces death and martyrdom as a good in its self.

    The Palestinian people are the victims of the genocidal intend of their leaders, who see them and the suffering inflicted upon them as a result of the violent and irresponsible behaviour of this leadership, aided and abetted by the western media, as a means to and end, the destruction of the sate of Israel and beyond that the creation of a universal caliphate.

    The lexicon of ‘victimology is the hallmark of the Palestinian narrative, often accompanied by fabrication and melodrama. Yes the Palestinians as a people are victims, but they have embraced their victimisation at the hands of their own leaders and the wider Arab world. Egypt, Jordan, Syria etc have kept the Palestinians stateless and warehoused in ‘refugee’ camps. When Egypt ran Gaza and Jordan the west bank there was no attempt at a ‘two’ state solution.

    The debate has to be moved away from this obscene narrative of victimisation and on to an adult conversation about two cultures and two states co-existing side by side.

  4. Brendan says:

    Seven children and an adult have been killed by a roadside bomb near a Shia Muslim procession in north-western Pakistan today….pictures to follow?

    • Brendan: Our UK government does not support or make excuses for the Sunni extremists who bombed the Shi’a procession. Our country had no hand in creating the Sunni/Shi’a schism. Do you see the difference with occupied Palestine?

  5. Brendan says:

    Inayat: No, because I don’t agree your heavily politicised propositional statement. For me a life is a life regardless of politics, hence my question.
    Extreme over realised polarisation of position is the modern stumbling block in the whole Israel/Palestine dispute. Personally I don’t think the UK takes an overly polarised position, I think we are a critical friend to Israel and the Palestians. William Hague’s various comments were on balance pretty fair. How much money have we and the EU spent on Gaza only for it to be bombed by Israel and for us to pick up the bill again? This is a conflict. In the end it will be the responsibility of the locals to conclude it, it’s up to the locals to accept one another as human beings and make some painful, challenging, and expensive compromises to get to something that looks like a ‘just outcome’ for everybody, that’s the reality. The UK can help and support but we are not as you assert somehow directly responsible for the deaths of children in Gaza.

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