US Elections -Celebrating the Peaceful Transfer of Power


The victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election results has shocked many – including myself. It is dispiriting to see so many older white voters in the USA clearly energized by a campaign that tapped into some of the nastier undercurrents common in large parts of society including suspicion of immigrants, Muslims and the LGBT community.

However, amidst the disappointment, it is worth taking a minute to recognize the strength of the US political system which ensures regular elections every four years and, if the incumbent loses, then a peaceful transfer of power. Even if the incumbent wins, s/he has to vacate the office of Presidency after a maximum of eight years.

In her concession speech today, Hillary Clinton made reference to this precise point.

This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for and I’m sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country…

We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. But I still believe in America and I always will. And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.

Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power and we don’t just respect that, we cherish it. It also enshrines other things; the rule of law, the principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of worship and expression. We respect and cherish these values too and we must defend them.

This peaceful transfer of power is a hugely important achievement of the American people. Contrast the eight-year limit on executive power with the condition of much of the Muslim world where we have so many autocratic Kings or Life Presidents who can only be shifted after they die – only to be replaced by a close relative – or are violently overthrown or killed. The result is constant mayhem and the development of society is held back by that chronically unstable political situation.

Even in the much-lauded time of the so-called “rightly-guided Caliphs”, we only saw a peaceful transfer of power once – and that was only because the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, died. The second Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab was murdered as was his successor ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan. The accession of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib resulted in a civil war which ultimately led to his own killing.

So, the democratic institutions that have been built in the USA deserve our respect and admiration. Despite, or especially because of, the election of Donald Trump, we have to hope that the checks and balances that are built into those institutions are strong enough to ensure that his offensive and divisive campaign rhetoric is not translated into actual policies in office. And let us also hope that those who voted for Hillary Clinton will not lose heart but will stand up for their values in the coming four years.


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30 Responses to US Elections -Celebrating the Peaceful Transfer of Power

  1. scrubbycolonialists says:

    Look, just look, at this fucking piece of shit, Inayat, having gone gone full-on Uncle Tom.

    You fucking dog, you actually stoop to not just quoting the Slow-Butcher of Bengal, who stole food from Indians to feed Britain and didn’t care (‘breeding like rabbits anyway’, he said), who chemically bombed Iraqi civilians with phosphorous because they were ‘uncivilised tribes’ and ‘savages’….

    ….you even put a picture up.of this fucking genocidal dog?

    Inayat has reached Peak Fucking Uncle Tom Sellout To-Please-Me-White-Master.

    Trump wins on the back of the white man’s hatred and a return to white racial superiority driving American policy home and abroad, with death and chaos awaiting Syria immediately and Muslims soon.

    And you want to bleat ‘prace transfer of power’s and denigrate the Khulafaa and Sahaabah for extra brownie points for your white massage, eh, you human trash? (For that matter, the transfer of power between the Khulafaa Rashidun was peaceful – just because instigating Munafiqun like you killed them hardly means the Sahaabah and Muslim body politic were I’m chaos and war. Why are you such dishonest, Muslim hating bastard?)

    Inayat is nothing but a crypto-anti Muslim and homosexual. Fair enough, plenty of that lot about. But really, Buggerwala, did you really need to also turn into the white supremacist’s bitch?

    I spit on your fucking face cooing about peaceful transfers of power to fucking Trump. You fucking fuckwitted fuckpig fuck.

    • Well, that’s an intelligent and measured response.

      • Scrubbycolonialists says:

        You have to say for yourself you fucking white man’s whore?

      • scrubbycolonialists says:

        Is that all you have to say for yourself, you fucking human cancer ?

        • Such lovely manners. Did you learn them from your religion?

          • scrubbycolonialists says:

            ‘Did tou learn them from your religion’, says this fuckpig.

            Brilliant. You just outed yourself as the crypto atheist Muslim-hating fuck you are.

            Lovely manners? You think you deserve these, tou nasty little bastard?

            Oppressed people have to be nasty and loud and fucking cacophonous to protect their own. Noone listened to the blacks or the Jews until they did the same. Malcolm X had no time for pansy fuckwit Uncle Toms. And watch his TV interviews – he had fucking plenty of Uncle Tom ‘negroes’ telling him he was too loud, too ugly, too brash and too nasty in challenging the white man.

            The same white man who has destroyed Iraq and raped little boys in her prisons, as told by Seymour Hersh. The same who has now opened the door to a Trump and Putin alliance, and pits the entire Muslim world in peril. The same white man who has made life a living psychological hell for Muslim children.

            You fucking little shit.

            • Did your merciful God give you Tourettes?

              • scrubbycolonialists says:

                Pathetic, Buggerwala is now resorting to whiteboy Guardian retorts….

                …in addition to resorting to identikit rote whiteboy atheist retorts from Reddit.

                So you’re a murtad little pansy atheist and think you’re quite special, don’t you.

                Really, don’t get too high on yourself. People in higher positions than former Head-Uncle-Tom-in-Charge of the MCB.

                Keep revelling in the eternally incontent void your master Dawkins has taught you to be your belief centre, wherein the only endpoint of anything is the eventual normalization of every and any thing the white man decides.

                Your personal favourites likely being buggery and slaughter of Muslim kids – and buggery by white men of Muslim children.

                You disgusting, hideous, clinging little bit of filth.

                • You, on the other hand, are such an intelligent and endearing representative of your faith.

                  • scrubbycolonialists says:

                    Keep rolling with the old-hat, laa-jawaab whiteboy non responses straight from the Reddit aybook. Intelligent. Measured. And so original.

                    Really, what’s next here? ‘Muslims have never won a Nobel prize’? The paedophile slur? As a true ally of Robert Spencer as much as Breivik was, you’ve got s treasure mine of ready-meal blood libels for us, and like your fellow Majid Nawaz, also a pretender to being formerly Muslim?

                    Enjoy your few years or whatever it is left you have on this earth, old man, as the white man’s slave.

                    • Ash says:

                      The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.”


                      The profanity in your posts is totally unacceptable.

                    • Didn’t you – in the comments section to my previous post on shooting stars – claim that they were “definitely” missiles aimed by angels at the jinn? So, I suppose there is not a similar religious injunction on believers to speak sensibly or remain silent, right?

              • Ash says:

                No i think he might have acquired that from your atheist God Dawkins!

          • Ash says:

            I think he might have been influenced by yours.

  2. Ash says:

    “…So, I suppose there is not a similar religious injunction on believers to speak sensibly or remain silent, right?”

    My Dear Mr Bunglawala, perhaps you could kindly expand elaborate on the above… I will be more then happy to respond to you my Dear old chap…. In which ever style you want.

    • In my previous blog about the Qur’an and shooting stars, I asked you in the comments section whether you really believed that shooting stars were missiles aimed at the jinn (rather than just dust particles which burn up when entering the earth’s atmosphere). Your response was “Absolutely.” See

      • Ash says:

        Well if wish to revisit that discussion then I am more then happy to accomodate. But if we are to move forward then you need to clarify your contentions in a more comprehensive manner.

        (A) Your contention is that belief in the existence of Jinns and angels is stupidity based on ancient myths and superstitions.

        (B) You do not deny the existence of Jinns and Angels but your contention is that the classical Musafireen based their commentary on knowledge of astronomy that was available and taught during that particular time , but knowledge of astronomy has advanced, therefore much of what was written in the classical books of astronomy, is now obsolete and was surrounded by myths and superstitions.

        (c) Both of the above that is Your contention is that belief in the existence of Jinns and angels is stupidity based on ancient myths and superstitions….Also much of what was written in the classical books of astronomy, is now obsolete and was surrounded by myths and superstitions.

        (D) None of the above.

        • Ash, I didn’t claim that shooting stars were “absolutely” missiles aimed by the angels at mischievous jinn. You did. Hence, my question about believers believing in things that don’t make sense and which have more successfully been explained by science. Are you trying to change the topic?

          • Ash says:

            Are you trying to change the topic?”

            Nice try except my questions are directly related to your topic your the one who brought it up in a thread related to the American election , perfectly reasonable questions so My Dear Mr:Bunglawala why you playing Dodgeball ?

            A, B, C, D, which is it?

            • So… After saying you “absolutely” believed that shooting stars were missiles bring launched against jinn, now you appear to be less vocal.

              As to my views, I think that the interpretation of large parts of the Qur’an need to be rethought including the concept of angels. In the past people believed it was angels that moved the clouds, brought rain etc. We – well, maybe not you given your belief about shooting stars – now say that these phenomena are due to the laws of nature. So, the concept of angels appears outdated and increasingly redundant. I think I will expand on this in a new and separate blog as I think it may generate an interesting discussion…

  3. Ash says:

    So… After saying you “absolutely” believed that shooting stars were missiles bring launched against jinn, now you appear to be less vocal.

    Why what aspect of the word “Absolutley” do you not understand? When I said Absolutely I meant Absolutley, …I dont take my Deen from Dawkins and Deutsch… I take it from the great Ulemah and Mufasireen of this this Ummah.

    I was just trying to figure how someone goes from being a Muslim to Hybrid to an atheist pretending to be a Muslim… Not very good at pretending either.

    Also how a guy managed to hustle his way into a position of being a spokesman for Muslims and Islam without knowing the six articles of faith. amongst which belief in the unseen is central.

    How a guy who claims to be a spokesman for Islam but has never even read a book of aqidah and makes statesment such as this ….”As to my views, I think that the interpretation of large parts of the Qur’an need to be rethought including the concept of angels. In the past people believed it was angels that moved the clouds, brought rain etc.” When the books of Aqeedah written centuries ago cover both Zahir and Batin aspects the Laws of Nature Comprehensively and the roles of Angels but ofcourse you learnt your Islam by reading Orientalists.

    So I suggest if you are going to insist on being a spokesman for Islam then atleast have the courtesy to purchase Islam for Dummies, so atleast you have some basic knowledge.

    Why would someone who insist he is a muslim use rhetorical taunts used by rabid Islamaphobes.

    “Such lovely manners. Did you learn them from your religion?” “Did your merciful God give you Tourettes?” ….. So My Dear Mr Bunglawala give up the pretence .

    And finally if you wanna play freestyle I will be more then happy to oblige…. I dont care how much your getting paid by the establishment to be a house muslim, you like your co-religionists Majid Nawaz, Usamah Hassan, Ed Hussain, Siddiq Khan will fail.

    Finally if you wanna engage in Detroit Freestyle academics I will be more then happy to oblige if Dawkins and Deutsch wanna play freestyle hell they can come here and play as well.

    • If “great ulemah and mufassirin” really believe that shooting stars are missiles aimed at jinn then I rather like the idea of not listening to them and being prepared to think for myself.

      • Ash says:

        Well they believe in much more then that…. They Believe in Allah and His Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) They Believe in the Quran, They believe in Adam And Eve (Peace be upon them), They Believe in Jinns, Angels, Jannah, Jahanam, the virgin Birth of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him), the day of Qiyamah, Homosexuality being Haram …..!

        So looks like you and your fellow establishment figures have your work cut/out in trying to invent a new colonialised version of Islam.

        It aint happening. No you just carry on and let Dawkins and Deutsch do your thinking for you. We the Muslims will stick to the Siratal Mustaqeem.

      • James Coleman says:

        Oi Bungler-wala why don’t you do everyone a favor and just admit you’re a Dawkin’s ass kissin’ atheist. At least that way we can remove hypocrisy from your list of un-Islamic characteristics and beliefs. After all it’s a free country and there is no compulsion in religion. But to go on pretending like this is shameful. Go on and be a man. In or out?

        • I don’t need your approval to be a Muslim. I must say though…aren’t the Muslims here on the comment section such gentle and attractive souls. What a marvellous example to others. No wonder the Muslim world is in such a fabulous situation.

          • Ash says:

            One just needs to believe in the six articles of faith My Dear Old Chap to be a Muslim going by your posts you have clearly shown you dont so the facts speak for themselves…….. And How quaint My Dear Old fellow nice colonial tactic I am sure Lord Macaulay of India would have been proud, mock ,ridicule, stigmatise , provoke oppress and commit tyrrany against the natives and then when they react respond in Colonial condescending tones and tactics…. “Look how uncivilised these savages are , the only way to deal with them is the proverbial stick and ethnic cleansing.”

            “What a Marvellous example to others…” Absolutely muslims are marvellous example of standing firm and uncompromising in front of the hurricane of colonial tyranny and oppression.

            In the words of veteran republican candidate Pat Buchanan …” In 1400 years Islam has proven itself to be Indestructible.” Indestructible, my Dear Old Fellow looks like you the establishment, The Zionist Media and Donald Trump have your work cut/out.

  4. Inayat, you have my admiration for for your forbearance and patience with some rather obtuse posters here, although I doubt the wisdom of spending time responding to their rants. take care!

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